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FreeStyle Test Strips - 50ct

FreeStyle Test Strips - 50ct

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FreeStyle Test Strips - 50ct

Discover FreeStyle Test Strips 50ct - Elevating Blood Glucose Testing Experience

FreeStyle Test Strips 50ct will revolutionize the way you approach blood glucose testing, offering unmatched comfort and precision.

Features of Freestyle Diabetic Test Strips:
1. Small Sample Size:

- Designed to prevent sore fingers, FreeStyle diabetes test strips require only a tiny blood sample, the world's smallest at 0.3 micro-liters.
- Despite its small size, FreeStyle guarantees accurate and virtually pain-free test results, thanks to patented coulometric measurement technology.

2. Coulometry Measurement:

- Exclusive to FreeStyle, coulometric analysis ensures accurate electrochemical measurements unaffected by reaction rates, ideal for a small blood sample size.

3. Alternate Site Testing:

- Enjoy the freedom to test from alternative body sites like your finger and forearm, reducing discomfort from repeated testing at the same site.

4. 15-Second Test Results:

- Obtain accurate blood glucose test results within a mere 15 seconds.

5. Capillary Action:

- FreeStyle Test Strips 50ct utilize capillary action, acting like a sponge to wick the exact amount of blood needed onto the glucose test strip.
- You have up to a minute to add more blood if necessary, and the blood glucose meter beeps when an adequate sample is present for precise results.

Compatible with Top-Notch Glucose Monitoring Systems:
- FreeStyle blood glucose test strips are designed for use with the FreeStyle, FreeStyle Flash, and FreeStyle Freedom Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems.
- These advanced glucose meters feature a large display screen and an ergonomic design, providing ease of use and comfort during testing.

Empowering Diabetes Management:
- Embrace the latest in advanced technology with FreeStyle testing products, making diabetes management easier and more efficient.

Take charge of your glucose levels with confidence, and experience convenience, accuracy, and pain-free testing with FreeStyle Test Strips 50ct. Make monitoring your diabetes a breeze with the support of cutting-edge FreeStyle products.

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Factory sealed and best expiration date guaranteed.

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Charlie Bailey
Test Strips

Have been using freestyle test strips for quite awhile and OTC is a great deal.