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FreeStyle Test Strips - 100ct

FreeStyle Test Strips - 100ct

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FreeStyle Test Strips - 100ct

Introducing FreeStyle Test Strips 100ct - Redefining Blood Glucose Testing

Experience a new level of comfort and accuracy with FreeStyle Test Strips 100ct, designed to transform the way you feel about testing your blood glucose levels.

Key Features of Freestyle Diabetic Test Strips:
1. Small Sample Size:

- FreeStyle test strips require a tiny blood sample, the world's smallest at just 0.3 micro-liters, preventing sore fingers and ensuring virtually pain-free testing.
- Patented coulometric measurement technology guarantees accurate results with each test.

2. Coulometry Measurement:

- Exclusive to FreeStyle, coulometric analysis offers precise electrochemical measurements, unaffected by reaction rates, perfect for a small blood sample size.

3. Alternate Site Testing:

- Test from alternative sites like your finger and forearm, reducing discomfort from continuous testing at the same site.

4. 15-Second Test Results:

- Get accurate blood glucose results in just 15 seconds.

5. Capillary Action:

- Utilizing capillary action, FreeStyle Test Strips wick the exact amount of blood needed onto the glucose strip, allowing up to a minute to add more blood if required.
- The blood glucose meter beeps when enough blood is present for accurate results.

Package Details:
- This package includes 2 vials of 50 FreeStyle test strips, providing a total of 100 strips.

- FreeStyle test strips are designed to be used with the FreeStyle, FreeStyle Flash, and FreeStyle Freedom Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems.
- These glucose meters combine a large display screen with an ergonomic design, offering ease of use and comfort during testing.

Empowering Diabetes Management:
FreeStyle testing products incorporate advanced technology to make managing diabetes easier than ever before. Enjoy the convenience, accuracy, and comfort of FreeStyle Test Strips, enabling you to take control of your glucose levels with confidence.

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