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FreeStyle Lancets 28 Gauge - 100ct

FreeStyle Lancets 28 Gauge - 100ct

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FreeStyle Lancets 28 Gauge - 100ct

FreeStyle Lancets 100ct, designed with your comfort and safety in mind. These lancets feature a very thin, 28-gauge stainless steel needle, ensuring a comfortable experience during use. For your peace of mind, each lancet is sterilized, providing you with optimal protection.

Moreover, these versatile Abbott FreeStyle Lancets are compatible with almost all lancing devices, including the FreeStyle Lancing Device.

Key Features of FreeStyle Lancets:
- Comfortable Design: Crafted from ultra-thin stainless steel for a pain-free experience.
- Enhanced Protection: Each lancet is sterilized to safeguard your well-being.
- Wide Compatibility: Fits the FreeStyle Lancing Device and most other lancing devices.

Package Includes:
- 100 Sterile FreeStyle Lancets, 28G

Ensure your glucose testing is comfortable and safe with FreeStyle Lancets 100ct. Experience hassle-free blood sampling while maintaining the highest standards of comfort and hygiene.

UPC: 699073130013

Factory sealed and best expiration date guaranteed.

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